Chanderi Sarees Are The Essence For Indian Festivals

Quirky Sarees And Ultimate Chic Draping Styles To Look Ultimate Fashion Stunner!

Sarees run deep into the fashion nerves. The unmatched precision and to curate luxury has never failed to impress the fashion lovers. The love for this outfit is so intense that it has been spread throughout the globe.

Designer Sarees always gives us the ultimate freedom of draping them most conventionally and differently. If you wish to look stunned and dazzle in a party, here are a few styles trends that are worth to be checked. If you are confused on the draping patterns and latest saree styles, then here are few things that are worth to check for:-

1) Belted Saree Drape: This trend is very much inspired by Bollywood celebrity styles. You could don up your look either with thin, thick or cotton style belts. If you are choosing to wear a traditional sari then go with gold, pearl or silver waist belt. Even a bride could wear chunky gold work done up waist belt to ace up look. If a bride is choosing the sari for d day then wear sarees like banarasi saree or Kanjeeveram.

2) Scarf Style Saree Draping: This style of draping just strikes the cord right in the fashion plunge. Ode of exclusivity can be seen in this style of draping. Remember this art can only be tried with thin saris like georgette, chiffon, and crepe to get that ultimate look.

3) Pant Style Draping: Who doesn’t love fusion? For all multi-tasks and female fashion bosses, this style of draping is ultimate to reflect a confident look. Again, it is important to remember that pant style draping goes well with a thin sari. If you are wearing this saree for a corporate look, then team upright small studs to complete your look.

4) Designer Sari and Forever Ulta Pallu: This is the most popular way of draping a designer saree. This drape style is majorly chosen by women because it brings in high-end comfort. You will once again fall in love with detailing of sequence and work done upon this sari.

5) Heavy Work Sarees and Sidha Pallu: This style leads from Gujarat and has proven to be ultimate in no time. The main aim of these saris is to exhibit the beautiful work done on the pallu.

6) : The intuition of New Year calls for something fresh. The color pop trends are becoming out to be a major stir in the fashion games. Draping it up like a Lehenga style will give you that volume.


Saree has that amazing spark that can’t be described in words. If you wish to catch that latest glimpse of sari all you need to do is check out on the online store and shop for the best ones today.

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Chanderi Sarees Are The Essence For Indian Festivals