The Art of Draping a Silk Saree

Saree: The Best Attire for Wedding

Are you planning to toe the wedlock soon? Did you decide on your attire?

Well, if you are trying to decide what to wear, then trust us, nothing looks better on a wedding than a saree. A wedding sari is an ultimate attire that makes a bride look the most beautiful woman on her wedding day.

Also, if we speak of the wedding in general, then the mention of sarees is a must. Embellished sarees look great in the wedding scenarios. It is one of the key attires that women wear.

The market is booming with the latest wedding sarees collection, and you must give it a look to know what is in trend and what is dead fashion. Afterall, decking up as a traditional bride definitely does not mean bidding goodbye to fashion.

Apart from the latest wedding saris collection, you will also find various trending sarees which are have been a hot favourite for years.

Rani Pink Embroidered Satin Saree With Blouse

In this article, we shall be discussing the significance of sarees when it comes to an Indian wedding.

Your Personality is Reflected by What you Wear.

If you are the bride, you would most definitely want to make a mark on the beholders with your style, fashion sense, and poise. And what better than a drape from the latest wedding sari collection? If you take my works, it will look phenomenal on you!

The trending sarees in the bridal collection are totally different from their 2-year-ago counterparts. Your modern personality will be best showcased by a sari at your wedding.

Aqua Blue Embroidered Satin Saree With Blouse

Color Choice Matters

The choice of colours for brides is no longer limited to reds and maroons any more. The latest wedding saris collection has various colours, from peach to coral to gold. You will also find a variety in the shades of green and orange!

Just because your mother and grandmother wore red at their wedding, does not compel you to do the same if you do not like it. As we have already said, your personality is best reflected by choice of your attire. So, uphold your style in all its fervour at your wedding.

Saree Suit Every Girl

You will have to agree that no matter what shape you are, a sari will always flatter your figure. It suits all women, irrespective of age and size. So, a saree on your wedding day is perhaps the best choice. Also, in the Indian context, there is no attire better than a trending saree design for wedding purposes.

Blue Embroidered Satin Saree With Blouse

Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the colour of your wedding sari:

  • Make sure that it is not conflicting with the groom’s outfit. Don’t get me wrong, a contrast is cool, for example – Pink and blue. But a set on conflicting colours (e.g., green and brown) can look bizarre.


  • Pay attention to your skin tone. For instance, if you have a very yellow undertone, try to wear warm colours. Blue-based wedding saree colours like plum and lavender might not be the best choice. Instead, settle for fuchsia and pink.


  • If you are dusky, we suggest you avoid extremely pale clothing like baby-pink or beige. Instead, you can instead go for mustard, rust, or green (if you have yellow undertones).


  • Choose your blouse well. I have said this a million times to rides. No matter what wedding saree you are wearing, the neckline of your blouse matters a lot. Make sure that it complements the structure of your jawline. An edgy cut will not suit a square jawline; a boatneck is a no-no for a long face, and a triangular neckline is best at bay for a round face.


Saree is the best wedding wear, in my opinion. Sarees flatter a woman’s femininity the most. It suits every bride and makes each photo in the wedding album look outstanding.

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