Newest Vogue in the Arena of the Indian Wedding Saree

Unless you intend to wear a lehenga for your wedding, the only other option that you are left with is a saree. Brides are expected to wear something that oozes traditionality to perform the wedding rituals in India. And if you have set your mind on wearing a sari, then let us have a look at your options for wedding sarees.

The Classic Banarasi Saree

Banarasi is the pride of India, especially in the north. So, if you are a north Indian bride, the Banarasi Saree can be one of the best options for you. Do you know, in Bengal, it is customary to wear a banarasi sari for a bride on her wedding day? Newly married brides love the banarasi sarees. You have all the reasons to fall in love with it. The canvas of the sari is generally pure silk of the highest quality. The intricate zari work that runs across the length and breadth of the wedding sari will amaze you. The most picked colors of wedding banarasi saris are red, maroon, and fuchsia in India. But these days, women love to experiment with colours, and wedding banarasi silk saris of the foliage green color is a new trend.

Georgette Sarees for your Wedding

If you want something flowy and soft, then you are bound to love georgette sarees. This fabric is derived from silk threads. Georgette saris can hold a lot of embellishments. Wedding sarees with stone-work and zari work on georgette are a craze now. You can also choose a wedding saree in georgette that has thread work. This type of fabric can be worn by all women. It looks especially flattering on tall women with a petite figure. The colours that are in trend for georgette saris for this wedding season are red, yellow, and green. You can also buy a georgette sari if you are a friend or relative of the bride and plan to attend the wedding. You can get the best georgette sarees online at a very reasonable price.

Pattu Sarees for Wedding

The word ‘Pattu’ is from Tamil and Telegu languages, it means silk. So Pattu sarees mean silk sarees. The Pattu Sarees are the choice for most brides. You can choose from a wide variety of silks that are available in India. You can wear a Kanjivaram sari, a Mysore silk sari, or a Kasavu sari to your wedding. Also, Pattu saris make great gifts too. You would certainly want to buy gifts for your sister-in-law and mother-in-law, and buying Pattu sari is a good choice.

Kasavu Wedding Saree

The Kasavu saree is mainly worn in Kerala by brides for their weddings. But after the super glam movie Aisha, everyone is mesmerized by how beautiful it can make a bride look. So, if your favorite color is white, then this sari with the pure gold border is certainly your thing. There are two variants of the Kasavu sari, the cotton one and the silk one. If you are buying a Kasavu saree for your wedding, then we suggest that you get the silk Kasavu saree.

Colors to deck up in Wedding Season 2020!

The most awaited event for every woman is a wedding, nothing in the wardrobe could be as appropriate then sari. To grace up the personality of every feminine beauty, saris are the most looked upon the outfit. Sarees have that kind of flexibility and could be draped in many ways. When it comes to the design and detailing each of the aspects are looked upon in wedding sarees.


In the good old days, the weaving of threads and motifs was done with pure gold and silver. Gone those days where wedding sarees were only made heavy, the trend is shifted towards the lighter side. The modern day’s sarees with the gold motifs only look beautiful and bright. If you are ready to welcome the fashion season with the great bang in 2020, then these colors are must-try:-

Deep Purple wedding Sarees:- If ditching the traditional colors is on your plan card, then trying out purple shade with the golden or silver motifs is must a deal. You could try your hand on Banarasi silk sarees.

Double toned mustard saris:- If your mind has a different fashion gig then trying out double toned shaded mustard is a must. If you are a bride to be then you could try out silk sarees.

Gold pale border and Yellow saree:- This type of saree is perfect for the bride who feels that less is more. You can have a pick from the Kanchipuram saree. One of the brighter advantages of this sarees is that less is more.

Aquamarine sarees with the golden motifs:- Got your weddings in summer? You didn’t need to worry about anything. This kind of saree will be a complete show-stealer. To keep your appearance like royal, you could team on silk sarees.

Sea green saris:- This color will surely keep you apart from the rest. Don’t forget to shop from the alluring designs, styles and quirky borders.

Rose pink sarees with the green blouse:- Trying out the contrast shades is simply welcoming element by the fashion makers with the love of it spreading vast like wildfire, the contrast styles will always keep your chin up like a princess. Don’t miss out on the beauty of gold thread work that this saree exhibits.

When you wish to flaunt off your fashion statement well, all you got to do is buy from the online shopping store.

Tips To Look Best Forever In Sarees!

Whenever it comes to the selection of the most profound garment, it has to be undoubtedly saree. The variations are endless and infinite colors impress anyone present on this globe. From Bollywood celebrities to famous journo to fashion icons, there is always a talk in the air that sarees are the best. Celebrities very well flaunt them up in red carpet looks too. A major evolution has been seen in the loving and making of the sarees. If you wish to create in that hit appearance by donning up saris and quirky style of blouses then here are some amazing tips to nail your look like pro fashion diva:-

Sexy Georgette sarees:- Rest everything is secondary but when we talk about this kind of sari they are like forever. If you are blessed with the beautiful thin body then go for a backless blouse or tie style blouse with this sari. The beautiful prints and motifs are perfect to offer every fashion beauty that radiant fashionable look.


Ethnic sarees:- Be it work or personal front, it is hard to take eyes off and some of the retro styles will be remembered as royal nostalgic times. This style of sari always adds up culture and classic touch to our attire. If you are teaming up Silk saree then do wear up pearl jewelry with this sari. If there is an embellishment of stonework then go with the least jewelry element.  If you are going for classic fabric like silk or Banarasi saree, in the blouse go for a deep round neck at the back with some embroidery patch as this pattern will never be out of style.

Royal Zari work sarees:- If you want to dazzle and rock in fashion then all you got to do is try out this sari. The studded stone or sequined work is done on the sari will further create an appealing look in minutes. A lot of color variations too are available on the online store.

Designer saree:- It has been the universal fact that the designer is implying their best of minds to bring in something fresh in saree. The designer saree in minutes will bring in that imperative appeal. The current trends are feather style on the shoulders, ruffled patterns or intertwined lace patterns and many more. If you wish to take that glimpse of the latest and very best of the sari, all you could do is check out at any online store.

Look Modish In Gorgeous Bollywood Sarees

If you put on a saree, your personality will depend on two main factors; your choice and the way you are draping it. You will carry a better look if the design selection, colour and the pattern of the sari compliment your skin colour along with your body type. Apart from the choice, the styling of a sari is also crucial. A Bollywood saree will give you an excellent look when you drape it properly. Below are some Bollywood saree trends that you must follow.

Graceful whites: Off-white, cream, silver along with the palest pastels have come out as the best Bollywood sari colours of the latest fashion season. Splendid white Indian sarees are flaunted by many Bollywood divas from Deepika Padukone to Rekha. Many fashionistas have fallen for silvery-white saris too. You can channel the white saree trend by selecting bright hues, colourful prints along with motifs. A white and red saree is preferred during Indian weddings. If you select a lightweight red and white wedding sari then you can team it with an embroidered blouse for a beautiful but subtle effect. A white net Bollywood half & half sari design with rich borders as well as laces are a perfect selection for wedding sangeet.

Beautiful black: Other than white, another colour that has been topping the celebrity style charts every year is the colour black. A black saree looks magical as well as mystical. During many award ceremonies, Vidya Balan has been spotted flaunting black sarees in different fabrics and variations. You can style black Bollywood saris in various ways. It is an ideal choice for cocktail parties and pre-wedding celebrations. Pick a black georgette saree and team it with an embellished designer blouse and slay in style. Black will look majestic in heavy woven Bollywood saris and also in floral prints and flirty chiffon sarees. Magnificent pink: This colour has been a favourite of Bollywood divas. Pink has a touch of femininity and is also auspicious. All the tones of pink look good with Indian complexion. So you can don this beautiful hue in each of its myriad tints as well as shades while wearing a Bollywood sari. The eternal love for pale, blush and also baby pink never fades but if you drape a sari in this feminine hue you will look powerful and fierce. Pink Bollywood sarees are great party wears and thus a must-have for every woman.


Fancy floral: This design is very popular nowadays. Be it saris and borders or pallus and blouses, floral prints are present all over. The freshness of floral Indian sarees is unmatched, vibrant and youthful. With floral embellished and embroidered Bollywood saris you will add a wonderful touch to parties and Indian weddings. So try to incorporate floral in your saree collection in various ways. Drape a white chiffon saree that comes with scattered spring-tones flowers. You can also add a subtle touch with a half and half Bollywood sari with a floral-printed pallu.

So check your wardrobe now and find out how many of these Bollywood sarees you already own.


Look Super Hot And Sexy In Saree Navel Dress

The majority of women struggle with the difficulty of wearing a saree above or below the navel. Do people appreciate it or do they feel it is vulgar to uncover the navel? In today’s world, flaunting the navel is generally not viewed as distasteful. It is recommended that you do it gracefully so that it is not too obvious.

Navel Sari

Overcoming Shyness

If you want to wear a low hip fairly showing your navel, you can feel shy about it. There are some tips to overcome this shyness.

One way is to use a transparent net saree with a single layer or an opaque saree draped so that the navel is visible. A way to cope with your shyness is to realize that the world is not staring at you, as most people are too preoccupied with themselves.

Transparent Net Sari

Another way to feel more comfortable in a sari navel type dress is to learn how to like yourself by writing a love letter to yourself, doing things you enjoy, giving your body gratitude for its effortless functions, and spending quality time getting to know yourself.

A simple, but effective technique to overcome your anxiety about exposing your navel is to practice taking deep, steady breaths while focusing on your breathing.

Navel Sari

Historic Customs

The Indian saree, which has been around since 2800 B.C., is a fantastic and unique style of clothing that we wish to share with the world and have continued for many more millennium. Originally made from cotton only available in a few colors and designs, the saree is now available in many textures, colors, and designs. Besides, there are even many styles of wearing your sari to be fashionable, such as the Gujarati way, Maharashtra method, Tamilian version, Bengali style, and Kodagu style.

A saree can also be worn above or below the waist. It is fashionable and accepted to wear the sari below the waist to expose the navel. Despite being more common and accepted, some women still struggle with the use of a sari navel type dress due to their shyness. If you learn how to love yourself and your body, realize that people are not staring at you, and focus on taking deep breaths you can overcome this anxiety and shyness.

Different Ways of Wearing a Saree

A saree navel type or not can be draped and wrapped in many different ways that are both fashionable and virtuous. A few examples are the Gujarati way, Maharashtra method, Tamilian version, Bengali style, and Kodagu style.

The Gujarati Way

This style of draping also referred to as the Seedha pallu way, is typically used in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. The pleats of the sari are tucked so that they open to the right and the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder. The rest of the cloth is spread across the chest and then the left edge is tucked at the back.


Maharashtra Method

To use the Maharashtra method, the saree must be eight meters long. One part of the sari is lifted between the legs and tucked in behind at the waist. The remaining part is draped as a pallu over the bust. This method allows for greater freedom of movement.

Tamilian version

The Tamilian version requires eight meters of cloth, just as the Maharashtra method. This style is wrapped around the waist with the pleats positioned along the left leg. The remaining part of the sari is draped over the left shoulder, wrapped around the waist again, and tucked in the left side.

Bengali Style

The Bengali style is pleatless and worn wrapped around the waist, brought back up to the right side with the pallu draped over the left shoulder. After that, the pallu is brought up under the right arm and once again draped over the left shoulder.

Kodagu Style

The Kodagu style is commonly used by women in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. The folded pleats are formed in the back, while the pallu is thrown from the back over the right shoulder. A pin is used to secure the sari.


As you see, a saree navel type dress or other types of sarees are giving you the possibility to adapt and change the garment, according to your taste, location, and occasion.