Chanderi Sarees Are The Essence For Indian Festivals

Amidst all the fusion looks that are trending this festive season, there are still many fashionable women who want to look their authentic best in Indian attire. When it comes to authenticity, there are many attire options that you can clad. But the best attire that you can clad for the occasion is the Chanderi Sarees. They have been a loved part of Indian fashion and culture. They have been in the traditional Indian clothing culture but still, have an appeal among fashionable Indian women. They are the best when it comes to getting that Indian festive look.

If you want to cuddle ethnic style in its truest sense, Chanderi saris should be on your festive list. Many online shopping sites offer you the best designs, patterns, and colors in these. For you to look beautiful this festive season, following are the 5 most authentic Chanderi sarees for you to own:

  • There is a wide range of solid Chanderi saris with glittered borders. They are perfect for a traditional Puja ceremony. They are a classic in Indian fashion and can be worn with minimal jewelry.
  • You can also go for an embroidered Chanderi sari that looks very classy for a wedding. Go for bright colors like amber, pink, orange, beige, pastel pink and many more. Accessorize them with Kundan jewellery and look great.
  • For an exquisite Indian look, you can also choose from a wide range of designer Chanderi sarees that come in the best designs that are authentic and elegant.
  • You can also buy Chanderi saris in block prints. These are perfect to be well worn for a Diwali party.

This season, you also have other options for saris online. You can shop from a huge collection of plain yet vibrant chiffon sarees that come in colors that are best for the festivity. You can also shop from a range of embellished chiffon saris that come in a wide range of colors and designs for all you fashionistas to choose from. There is also a range of printed cotton saris that you can wear for a puja ceremony. You can opt from a range of different colors and designs.

Best Clothing Tips To Choose For Men & Women

If you have an upcoming wedding in your family, you can save a lot of money by shopping online. From a myriad of heavy silk sarees, wedding anarkalis and party dresses to simpler designers wear cocktail saris – all options are now available at reasonable rates online. And these offers don’t extend only to women; men too can find the best format shirt designs and even wedding shirts for men at these online stores where they can buy all the outfits for the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Choices For Women – When it comes to choices for women’s clothing online, the sky is the limit. You will find Sarees from all top designers – Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, Sabya Sachi and many more online. These will work very well for wedding functions, receptions, engagements and even cocktail parties that all accompany a big Indian wedding. For winters, you will find a wide selection of silk saris, from all across the country – Mysore silk, Chanderi silk, Silk from Bangalore, Maharashtra and Banaras and much more. If you are the bride, you will find that there is a special bridal collection offered at most good apparel websites. Here, you can find the right outfits for all your functions – simple sarees for The Mehendi and other smaller ceremonies and heavier Silk sarees and designer wear sarees for functions like your first Diwali, Holi and Karva Chauth with your in-laws. For your big day, designer lehenga and designer saris are also available on discounted rates online, which will help you plan your entire wedding trousseau on a tight budget also without compromising on quality and style.

Choices For Men – The choices for men at online apparel stores are also many. When shopping for a wedding, men too need to plan their attire for all functions, big and small. While you might want to buy a Sherwani for the wedding ceremony itself, a formal shirt design worn inside a suit makes for the perfect attire for the reception. Buy wedding shirts for men that look more glamorous and stylish for other functions like the Mehendi and engagement ceremony. Also, you can buy Slim Fit Formal Shirt to wear formal trousers for day ceremonies.

Since the options for clothes for both men and women are many online, when planning to buy clothes for a wedding, it helps to keep a few tips in mind.

  1. Whether you are buying sarees or wedding shirts for men, keep in mind the location and time of the function. Daywear shirts and saris will differ from nightwear colors, textures, and fabrics.


  1. Give special attention to size when buying Slim Fit Formal Shirt or silk sarees that come with ready-made blouses. The fitted shirt or a blouse can spoil your look.


  1. Choose classic formal shirt designs and saree styles so they stay evergreen. These are expensive clothing items and a classic design that never goes out of style will let you wear these for many more weddings to come.

Black Sarees: The Perfect Colour For A Party Wear

For many years, black sarees have been an ideal wardrobe staple for every woman. In all regards and contexts, black saris are a winner that compliments every body shape and silhouette. Regardless of whether you choose a flowing georgette sarees in the shade of black, a crisp black cotton sari, or a black zardozi appreciated for weddings or and special occasions, be assured that you will stand out among all and exude an air of elegance and mystique.

From a classic black saree worn by actresses of 70s and 80s to a plain black net or chiffon saree worn by 90s or latest actresses, you have a wide range of style to choose from, as the options are endless. Contrary to popular opinion, black is no longer compared to be a morbid colour. In fact, in modern times, black is gaining popularity as the colour of choice for every occasion, be it any party, religious occasions and even weddings.

Black Embroidered Lycra Saree With Blouse

With the changing fashion trends, it is ensured that black is the most fashionable and flattering colour to wear. For daily wear and professional purposes such as business meetings or office parties, black sarees can be draped anytime, anywhere.

Types of Black Saris: –

  • Zealous zari black sari
  • Lace it up black sari
  • Motivating motifs black sari
  • Subtle shimmer black saree
  • Black love lehenga sari
  • Designer black saree
  • Dazzle in dhoti style black sari
  • Monochrome mania of black sari
  • Gorgeous georgette black sari
  • Black sensuous sheer
  • Fascinating net black saree
  • Bold border black saree
  • A black saree gowns
  • Black chanderi sari
  • Sashay in traditional black silk
  • Black cotton saree

Black Printed Georgette Saree With Blouse

Types of fabrics used in Black Saris: –

Black Sarees are usually made of many varieties of fabrics. Ranging from georgette, chiffon, net, sheer, supernet, lace, lycra to pure, and different silk. Though it is not much common to see a black pure silk saree, this trend is slowly getting popularised in the modern generation. Black lace, net or sheer saris are the best-looking party wear sarees.

Importance of wearing Black Colour Saree:-

Women usually prefer Black Sarees when they want to look special and want to get noticed among all, as it can make you stand out in the crowd. Black saris can give you killer looks or appearances. Not only does this colour sari gives you the illusion of lightening your skin tone by at least two tones, but it also makes you look slimmer to at least two sizes. These reasons make a woman always prefer wearing the colour black over any other hue. From the royal looking traditional Kanjeevarams to the bold and sexy looking sheer sarees, there is a perfect looking black for every lady out there.

Black Embroidered Art Silk Saree With Blouse

Features of Black Sarees: –

Black sarees come in different varieties of designs, patterns, and styles to suit the taste of every woman. Now, some of the best features of a black saree are: –

  • Black sarees can be worn on any occasion with minimal accessories and makeup.
  • They can speak out for both bold and beautiful.
  • They can wear for a simple event to a Hi-Fi cocktail party or a marriage ceremony by choosing the right fabric.
  • These stylish black sarees are versatile.
  • Black saris are every girl’s favourite companion.