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The Art of Draping a Silk Saree

There is something mesmerizingly classy about silk sarees that makes it suitable for every woman. They are elegant, sophisticated, and very feminine. However, it is often observed that many women go wrong in draping them or styling them. So, to set it right, I am writing this article. If you too struggle with draping or styling sarees, keep reading on.

Choose a Cotton Petticoat to Tuck in Your Saree

The first rule of wearing any saree is to choose the right petticoat. Cotton is the best fabrics for under-skirt as you can get the right grip with it. If you choose other slippery fabrics, you might not get the proper grip. And as a result, your saree simply won’t look neat.

Another thing here is, choose a petticoat of your own waist size. If you select a larger petticoat, it will unnecessarily add bulk and make your backside look way larder than it actually is.

It is needless to say that you must tie the drawstrings of a petticoat tightly. Also, always wear the petticoat below the naval. To check it, insert two of your fingers inside the petticoat after tying it. If it gets in easily, you might have to tie it a bit more tightly.

The Look of the Pleats can Make or Break the Look.

The pleats are an important part of the saree. And each woman, who is now a pro, knows well what a struggle it is to set the pleats right.

Silk sarees are generally longer in length. And if you are a petite woman, you might look bulky in it as it will make a lot of pleats. The trick here is to make larger pleats. It will lessen the number of pleats and won’t add bulk. Another key rule here is to make uniform pleats. Always level your pleats before tucking in.

Decide the Look for Pallu

‘You can take your pallu in two ways. You can leave it open by pinning the tip to the blouse. This look suits the occasion of marriage and festivals. However, if you are attending something semi-formal or formal, you can pleat it up neatly. The rule here is the same. First, take the hem of the saree and pleat it up. Pin the pleats after levelling them. Then throw it upon your shoulders and adjust the pleats on the bust region. After you pin the saree to your blouse, unpin the hem to get a need looking pleated saree.

Length of The Pallu

The length of the pallu is the deciding factor. So, scraping the length of the pallu to make more front pleats is not such a good idea. The longer the pallu length is, the taller you will look and vice versa.

Make sure that your pallu length is at least till your knees. This length works well on all body types and makes a woman look taller and slimmer.

A Saree is Nothing if Not Worn with Complimenting Blouse

By Complimenting blouse, we did not mean matching blouse. Sure, you can wear a blouse, the colour of which matches the shade of your saree. But these days there are so many types readily available in the market. You can also buy blouse cloth separately and get it tailor-made. The bottom line is, make sure that your blouse is not at odds with the saree. It can mar the entire look.

Accessorize Well

Silk sarees are classy. Generally, you will not need to accessorize much. But you must do it tastefully. Select each of your jewellery carefully and do not go overboard with it. Dress aesthetically to look astounding in a silk saree.

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